With over ten years of experience, muralists Rusty and Amanda Gibbs have completed murals and decorative painting on interior and exterior surfaces for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, government buildings, and residential homes throughout Washington State and beyond.


  • The design process is an integral part to creating the right look for your space.

    Sometimes a quick rough sketch is all we need to get started and other times we spend weeks on the design phase of a mural. When a creative and thoughtful approach is taken, the final mural is sure to turn out well.

  • We specialize in the design and permitting requirements of Leavenworth, WA. For building owners who must work within the restrictions of the Design Review Board, we offer our expertise by assisting and/or representing you through the entire permitting process.

  • That depends on what type of mural you need and whether it needs permitting. Sometimes we can paint a mural in a few days and sometimes it takes a few weeks or more. City of Leavenworth permits can take up to 3-4 weeks or more. Call or email to discuss your project.

    Spring time is our busiest mural painting season. Often times we spend the winter designing and permitting murals that will get painted once warmer weather comes.

    Exterior painting period: May-September

  • Murals come in all shapes and sizes, therefore it’s near impossible to post all of the prices. Feel free to email us and we can reply with a quote. We will need to know the size, and it’s good to send us some photos of the space that is in consideration of a mural.

    Some of the first questions we will ask you are, “What level of detail do you want? What artistic style do you want? Do you have a subject matter in mind?”

    We will also need to know the accessibility of the site. Will we need ladders, scaffolding, or a man lift to do the painting?

    After you have approved the quote and before we initiate a design we request a 50% deposit, with the balance billed at the completion of the project.

  • We are able to accommodate most needs because of our ability to paint in a variety of artistic styles including realistic, abstract, impressionistic, cartoony, trompe-l’oeil, and Bavarian.

  • • Listen to the needs of client
    • Develop estimate & timetable
    • Research & resource
    • Sketch
    • Show client
    • Sketch more & color mock up
    • Show client
    • Paint mural

  • Most murals are painted on-site, although if applicable they may be painted in our studio on panels and then installed.

    Although most of our work is done in the Wenatchee Valley, we are willing to travel (especially to places like Hawaii or the Mediterranean!).

  • We use high quality latex paints and/or acrylic artist paints which are rated to last up to 30+ years.

    Less time can be expected if the painting is in direct sunlight, harsh weather conditions, or improper wall preparation. We highly recommend the proper preparation of the wall which may include pressure washing, scraping, and priming. Bright colors may fade after a few years depending on conditions. A UV protection and graffiti proof clear topcoat is available.

  • Our murals have a one year guarantee. If the mural fails in any way we will fix it at no cost. We are proud of our customer service.

    Murals painted on previously painted surfaces may not qualify for a warranty because we can’t be certain how well the original paint is adhered to the surface.

    Bright colors will fade over time (mainly South and West facing signs). The fading of colors is not covered under warranty.

    Gibbs Graphics is licensed, bonded and insured.

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