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Plywood Signs

Plywood Signs

Benefits: Indoor or outdoor rated, smooth surface, lots of finishing options, affordable
Plywood: MDO (medium density overlay) sign grade plywood
Thickness: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1.5″
Toppings: Paint, solid color cut vinyl, full color printed vinyl

  • Business signs
  • Directory signs
  • Large 4’x8′ signs

Plywood signs are very common. The surface may be left flat, however carved detail or cut out letters may be applied for added depth. They may be used indoors or outdoors. Plywood signs are strong and can last a long time if properly finished and properly maintained. When used outside in the weather, plywood signs may require some maintenance every few years.

plywood signs

parking sign

pumpkin patch sign

People often spend only 2-3 seconds looking at signs and making a decision, so it’s important to design and construct your sign in a thoughtful way.

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Before <-> After

Ulis before
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Great work refurbishing our sign. You guys are the best!

– TR, Uncle Uli’s

Jubilee before 1
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I truly believe the signs have already paid for themselves!  We have been having record breaking days.  Saturday topped it all!  I have been asking new shoppers what draws them up the stairs!  “the sign”!  

– Sandi, Jubilee Global Gifts

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